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Check out our most recent episode releases! We're proud to offer a podcast of straight talk and common sense, without preaching or politics… just clear information and thought-provoking conversation so you can be a part of making a better future! 


John founded the firm Lupo Group, a third party real estate consulting practice exclusively engaged by Jamestown, LP, for the development of Buckhead Village, providing a multitude of services that help make developments the best they can be.


Desmond Johnson is a professional architect, a developer, and he was appointed as chair to Atlanta’s Urban Design Commission. We discuss the potential synergy we can achieve through community collaboration, and the future that is possible when we all work together. 


Kristine’s strength is her breadth of experience in all facets of development. She's developed numerous multifamily and mixed-use projects throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, including over 6,500 apartments.

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20 years in this industry, and it's frustrating how often we find ourselves trying to convince clients, contractors, and even code officials that it's not good enough to build the minimum that code allows when there are so many benefits to building better.


Many think that building sustainably, green, or whatever your buzzword of choice, is beyond reach. We've been told that there's nobody around who knows how to build it, that it's a waste of money, that there are no real benefits or financial returns on the investment, and that everyone would just prefer a cheaper building. Often people think we'll just push a one-size-fits-all solution that probably won't work for their project. However, we're confident that those perspectives are simply uninformed and misguided. 

This podcast is our chance to clarify that money is well invested in the right solutions. That these steps are not only worth it, but easier and more available than they think. Occupants and users will be happier, stay longer, and even pay higher rent to invest their lives and energies in a better building. 

Listen as we interview helpful experts from across the industry and they share their mission and their message without politics or preaching. Come and learn what's new, what's next, and what's making a difference.

I'm very proud to invite you to join us and learn about the people and projects making a difference in your communities and how this movement impacts your life!

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